A La Grande Cloche

Eat – Sleep & Be inspired

Located a few minutes from the famous Grand Place in Brussels, Hotel A La Grande Cloche is a trendy and offbeat boutique hotel. Destination of an active community that recognizes itself in authentic places, 100% LGC is a strong signature with alternative local accents.

Completely renovated in 2019, the hotel is still the oldest operating hotel in Brussels. A whole history, therefore, that we wanted to preserve, with architectural and decorative references in connection with the life of the city and the country.

LGC is also a restaurant, Pasta Madre, where hotel guests meet the people of Brussels around a gastronic pizza prepared by the best pizzaiolo in Italy, and a large local beer bar.


65% Hotel : instagram ready rooms   25% Gigi : a real italian restaurant   10% BouliBar : local beers
100% LGC

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